Corporate law

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We pride ourselves on being a dynamic and competent knowledge hub for corporate law. Our collective experience in both England and Spanish corporate law is extensive and versatile.
Do you have a business idea you would like to come true? And if so, do you know where to start?
  • What business form fits your plans?
  • How should be company be organised?
  • How should the relationship between the company and its shareholders be?
  • How should you set up the different parts of the company?

Neat processes and local expertise

Additionally, we can contribute in processes such as developing company statutes, registrations and company establishment. In close cooperation with you, we can build a solid foundation for your company so that you stand firmly on both feet when you enter into the business world.

Company Formation and Commercial Matters

If you plan to do business in Spain, we can assist you in the matters of incorporation of Spanish companies, legislation in Spain of UK-based companies, liquidation and dissolution of Spanish companies or foreign companies with Spanish assets, preparation of company powers of attorney, transfers of shares, capital increases, appointment and removal of directors, change of registered office, any amendments of the Company Articles and purchase of businesses.

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