Spanish Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is often a stressful experience, filled with uncertainty and confusion. Our role is to facilitate this process, and make sure we help you obtain the best possible foundation for a fresh start.
Our team of family lawyers have years of experience in the field, and will display a caring attitude towards your family and your needs. We will put all of our efforts into successfully negotiating on your behalf and preparing you for mediation, minimizing the possibility of having to resort to costly litigation. Nevertheless, in the event of litigation, we will conduct extensive preparation to ensure the Court understands and agrees with your perspective.

Managing Finances

Dividing finances in a fair way is a complicated, yet crucially important part of a divorce. We understand that the administrative aspect of a divorce can be overwhelming, which is why we are in a better place to protect your interests.

Whether you want to keep your beloved residential home or obtain a well-deserved spousal support, our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers will evaluate your situation with professional precision and develop a strong and persuasive strategy to ensure that you obtain what is rightfully yours.
Our lawyers have dealt with an impressive variety of different cases, which means they are prepared to solve any obstacles that might be present in your situation.
Furthermore, our team has an international reputation and experience, which allows them to have excellent relations with highly qualified professionals in various countries, in case you have any assets abroad.


We understand that your children’s future is of paramount importance to you and questions regarding their interest are perhaps even more concerning than those regarding your own. This is precisely the reason why our lawyers make successful arrangements regarding your children their top priority.
Navarro Simón Lawyers is here to help you with all of the probate process and formalities in Spain. We outline a detailed list of all our services and how much it costs. We've also put together a list of commonly asked questions that can help you further.
Whether you are seeking to organize your children’s living schedule in a way that would keep them connected to both of their parents, a close relative trying to obtain legal guardianship, a concerned parent trying to protect your children from an abusive environment, or have any other specific issues regarding your children - we will fight for your children’s wellbeing with zeal and professionalism.

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