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Spanish Probate is the legal process of organising and administering a deceased’s estate in Spain and distributing as inheritance, after paying taxes and debts, to heirs/beneficiaries. Distribution to beneficiaries can take place in accordance with the terms of the deceased’s last valid UK or Spanish Will or under the rules of intestacy if there isn't a Will.

If you are a beneficiary or an heir of an estate in Spain and are looking for help with Spanish
Probate to distribute the assets, contact our Spanish Lawyers for a quote on +44 (0)777 680
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Unlike in the UK, in Spain, there is no need to apply for a Grant of Probate and therefore heirs or beneficiaries can deal with the Spanish Probate themselves, however, if executors are appointed in the UK then they have a legal duty to deal with the deceased’s assets in Spain. The Estate ́s Spanish assets can only be assigned to heirs/beneficiaries once all of the Spanish legal formalities have been fulfilled and taxes have been paid.
Inheritance Taxation may vary from one region in Spain to another region and therefore it is important to know the relevant exemptions and nil rate bands available to heirs/beneficiaries in order to calculate IHT on death. Also, there are strict deadlines to submit IHT returns within the tax authorities and an extension is only granted if an application is filed on time.

When a person dies owning property in Spain, the estate must be distributed in accordance with the terms of their Will and all matters associated with the distribution need to be attended to in accordance with Spanish law. Spanish Probate Lawyers can help you with all the necessary steps to ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible at this difficult time.

Although the Probate process remains largely the same, the tax responsibility can differ from region to region. We can deal with the distribution of an estate into the names of the Beneficiaries anywhere in Spain, including the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.
Navarro Simón Lawyers is here to help you with all of the probate process and formalities in Spain. We outline a detailed list of all our services and how much it costs. We've also put together a list of commonly asked questions that can help you further.
After all of the legal processes are completed and the Beneficiaries decide they wish to sell an inherited property, Navarro Simón Lawyers would also be able to assist you with the marketing, subsequent sale and conveyancing process through our legal team.

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